Charity Events :: United Way of Hyderabad

Every year, United Way hosts a number of charity events to raise awareness about pressing social issues. These events also provide a platform for NGOs to raise fund for their missions, and for corporate bodies to actively take part in giving back to the society.

The two main events organized by UWH are Run For Cause and Seva Mela.

Run For Cause

UWH is the charity partner of the annual Hyderabad 10k run. This platform that engages thousands of people also brings together individuals, corporates and NGOs to run and raise funds for a cause they believe in.

Seva Mela

Organized by UWH, Seva Mela is a 2-day long event held annually. It is a platform that enables NGOs and other charity organizations to come together and raise awareness about social, environmental and other issues. It also enables such organizations to explain about their field of work to a larger audience.